Chanel Haute Couture: dark nostalgia

For over 25 years, dwelling into Chanel’s historical legacy hasn’t been an arduous task for Karl Lagerfeld. His vision follows the lines of feminine sophistication with an added gothic element. The man always has a story for each one of his designs.
This time, that story was about Mademoiselle Coco Chanel.

On a really late night in Paris, Lagerfeld poked nostalgia by turning the Grand Palais into a dark and glistening street scene, with a neon-lit backdrop and a towering Chanel statue as the centerpiece. Flooded with fluorescent light, the set’s bright illumination almost deceived the savoir-faire crowd into believing that it had just rained.

This art of darkness steered through the fashion house’s Haute Couture autumn / fall 2011 collection, as traditional Chanel suits marched down the twinkling tarmac catwalk in graphite black, white, gray, navy and magenta. The glimpse of fuchsia pink swayed like a refreshing ballad.

Stiff peplum tweed jackets worn over tunics, skirts and long dresses hewed versatile, but strict lines. The impeccable tailoring of suits using Swarovski embroidered fabric flirted with the faux night sky.
The fishtail evening gowns were ornate with feathered chiffon, pleated silk and scintillating crystals, boasting an exquisite craftsmanship.

Lagerfeld’s Chanel girl persevered her mystery by channelling in a tulle-lace veil over her smoky eyes. Boater hats and sheer fingerless gloves were assisted with over-the-knee boots and peep-toe stilettos with blue torches.
The broad shoulders and nipped in waists often contradicted with the loose, mannish silhouette, but the metamorphosis wasn’t distracting at all.

Once again, the love affair of Paris and fashion was showcased through the seductive Chanel atelier. After all, the master lady was watching!

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