Christopher Raeburn: remade and reimagined

Every so often a collection comes along in which the story is stronger than the collection itself. Where Christopher Raeburn is concerned, that is almost certainly to his credit; for his story not only supports his work, but defines it.

Inside the New York fashion week presentation of Raeburn’s collaboration with Victorinox (creators of the original Swiss Army Knife, for those unfamiliar) pieces hung from the ceiling in a clustered display of functionality-meets-wearability. The items have a raw, rugged appeal – more than once do I consider making off with one of the thick recycled military coats, so perfect do they look for a New York winter day like today.

Known for his creative use (and re-use) of materials like surplus military supplies, Raeburn’s magpie-like fascination with objects results in some interesting creations. The discovery of some cast-away horseshoe nails became a key part of the project, with Raeburn challenging Victorinox to recreate the Swiss Army Knife out of the nails. Elsewhere in the collection is a parachute jacket made from surplus Swiss military air-brake parachutes; a heavy Captain’s coat re-appropriated from old wool coats and military cotton bed sheets; and a hooded scarf with pockets, made from Swiss military blankets, that’s the pinnacle of practical, utilitarian fashion.

Click below for more images from the Christopher Raeburn for Victorinox presentation.