D&G Men’s S/S 2010 approves of Double Denim

When we first wrote about the double denim fashion trend we had hoped it would die a swift death, but this has unfortunately not been the case. This insidious trend seems to have filtered through to the Men’s 2010 Spring/Summer collections and seems to have grabbed a particular hold over D&G Spring/Summer menswear collection.

The collection itself is filled with double denim options including jackets, vests and even a denim shirt, it’s truly as if the terrible 80s have made a comeback. All is not lost however: the collection also features another comeback trend we’re not distressed about – ripped jeans – which have been a little hard to find in the mens collections up to now. Apart from all that denim the collection does also serve up some great pieces in terms of suiting and footwear.

Click on the thumbnails below for more pictures of the D&G Spring/Summer 2009 collection.