DSquared2: natural born delinquent

DSquared2 often have a penchant for the preppy. For pre-fall 2012 the twist is a time-travel one, taking us back to the 1950s in cropped cigarette pants, thick-rimmed glasses, and argyle cardigans – like something a highschool geek might have worn in Grease only sexier. Away from the geek-chic prep things get even better. Tight sweaters tucked into pencil skirts, body-hugging dresses and leather miniskirts, and lastly some tuxedo looks made rockabilly cool.

It’s a whole package here. Barbara Palvin’s delinquent attitude oozes out with every puff of that rebellious cigarette, her hair the kind of hairstyle that’s perfect for 2012 with its ’50s meets ’60s bouffant quality.

Plenty of the pieces alone wouldn’t turn a head, but with the right styling (this styling) they could break a neck or two.

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