David Koma: svelte-a-dot

I admit it: there’s no such word or term as svelte-a-dot, but we’re such fans of portmenteaus here at Fashionising.com (even if a good percentage of people insist that the publication’s name is in fact Fashion I Sing) that I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make yet more words collide. And that lack of resisitance came courtesy of designer David Koma and his autumn / winter 2011 showing at London fashion week. A collection that hasn’t so much avoided the alternative theme that runs through most of the week in so much as it has opted to make it fun.

Largely based on a svelte cut Koma’s coming collection is tied together with a theme of polka dots running throughout. Sometimes they’re simple and coloured in nude hues that gave the feeling you were looking at a dotted interpretation of the cutaway motif. At other times they were colourful, other coloured polka dots and even eyes peering out from ‘underneath’ them as if they were not polka dots but actually windows. At all times they had a magnficent, captivating movement to them that gave the impression that you were looking at multiple layers moving over one another and thus drawing the eye.

You can see all of David Koma‘s svelted and polka-dot laden autumn / winter 2011 / 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below.