Electric, Karla Spetic

I’d been privy to the largely bold tones of Karla Spetic’s spring 2011 showing before it had debuted on the RAFW catwalk. Backstage allows you that much. And backstage the mood was electric – the stress of a fashion showing had been and gone, the models spurred on by pieces of frivolity. Amongst these electric colours the mood had become equally as electric.

As hems bounced down the runway and modest splits threw themselves open with each step of pace, it would have been easy to describe the bulk of the collection as playful. But that would be wrong; the word connotes qualities that Karla Spetic‘s spring 2011 collection simply didn’t define itself by. Instead this casual collection felt like was an experimentation with structure, one that was easily dominated by the impact of both the print and the ‘cruise’ colour palette alike.

Should cruise colours and bold prints be to your liking, the this is likely to be a collection that doesn’t disappoint: it’s one of a number of collections to feature bold, geometric shapes. Where there were mid-20th century inspired bikinis the prints were worked through with patterns, on the collection’s dresses digital prints were to be found emblazoned across basic colours. So common has this style of ‘statement print’ (though a statement we’d counsel you to carefully consider) been at Australian fashion week over the past days that it’s easy to imagine, albeit highly unlikely, that somewhere designers got together and shared trade secrets about how to technically achieve the look.

A collection that fans of Prada’s bold prints would also find some pieces amongst, you can see all of Karla Spetic’s spring / summer 2011 / 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the photos.