Farah Angsana: hot little numbers

If you’re looking for your next little black dress, in fact if you’re looking for any little dress, and you have the legs to rock it, Indonesian designer Farah Angsana, has it for you. Black, silver, sequenced, a plunging neck line, backless, single sleeved, sleeveless, single shoulder, both sleeves. Name your combination, then take a look at Farah’s fall 2011 offering, because it’s all here. All from the catwalk of New York fashion week. And it’s all hot.

What it isn’t, however, is right now. For the most part this isn’t a forwards collection (the satin-sheen pieces feel positively dated as do some of the colour choices), nor is it here to change anything. But like its closing look, a mix of sheer and embellishments, the intention of the collection is here to turn heads. To make a statement (one that is probably “I have a better body than you”). To capture all the elements that most women wnat of their occasion wear and roll it into one little hot number.

Farah Angsana’s latest collection isn’t, however, all about little dresses. There are gowns amongst it, but even with thigh high slits that seem almost like a gauntlet being thrown down to Versace, they fall short of what the shorter pieces (pun not intended) achieved. The fabric choices and cuts behind these longer pieces also seem a whole lot less sexy and a whole lot less ‘now’, but more so in the pictures than in person.

To see all the pictures of Farah Angsana‘s autumn (fall) / winter 2011 / 2012 catwalk showing click on the thumbnails below.