Flannel: french on the RAFW catwalk

Casual wear is always the order of the day in Australia. This is a laid back country where formality is often snubbed, and that culture is never more prevalent then when you see so many of its designers back to back at the country’s fashion week, RAFW. Tailoring is rare, formal pieces rarer.

Through cut, cloth and the slicking back of hair Flannel proved that it’s this casual ethos that they continue to subscribe to in spring 2011.

That sees Flannel use the same colour palette for their spring / summer 2011 collection that a lot of other Australian designers have relied on, with off-whites, corals and hot pinks used to interpret trend fusions that see cloths of lace cut to shapes of tap pants. And through each such piece runs a thread of softness, one whose origins lie the loungewear that inspired many a cut to the point where it wouldn’t be hard to imagine some of the pieces being stocked in a sleep wear department.

The key takeaways for your spring 2011 wardrobe came in the guise of Flannel’s take on crochet, something that was wholly layerable and wearable, while I personally wouldn’t be in a rush to indulge in the small offering of velour even if it does play to the pinks and corals of the season.

You can see all of Flannel’s spring / summer 2011 / 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the photos.