Gail Sorronda: minimised from the future

Gail Sorronda has always been able to weave something akin to fashion as statement, and the guests for the label’s spring 2011 showing at RAFW (Australian fashion week) were very much proof of that fact. Dotted throughout the first three rows they sat, most wearing pieces from the spring 2010 collection. One even graced the front row with one of the day’s more unique accessories: a lap dog dyed pink.

If the pink didn’t reveal it, each of these ardent Gail Sorronda fans wore the more overt pieces from past seasons. It would have been interesting then to find out what they thought of her latest offering. While there is certainly a cohesion between this season and those of the past, gone were most of the elements that really left an impression this time last year. Blacks and whites carried through, but the statement accessories felt far more subtle.

Minimalism had made its presence felt.

As had futurism. In fact, with the collection’s clean lines and the pace at which it was presented one could almost visualize the world in which it should embody; clean, crisp, altogether futuristic but equally as humanist. And perhaps therein lies another thread through the evolution of Gail Sorronda’s designs: there is always that sense that they have their own space, perhaps even a distinct world, and are merely guests in our own.

Musings of Gail Reid’s (Gail Sarronda‘s designer) ethereal excellence aside she has been another of the Australian designers to weave a hint of the masculine through her spring / summer 2011 offering. Where others have worked to be overt, Gail’s leans more towards elements. At the most basic that element is a boyfriend shirt, but the overtones of masculinity were much more effective in the guise of a white dress whose sheer sleeves were adorned by masculine, dominating French cuffs. These are, perhaps, imagined from a future where unisex and not dystopia is at the fore.

You can see all the photos from Gail Sorronda’s spring / summer 2011 / 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the gallery.