Giorgio Armani Men’s Spring/Summer 2010 runway

Sending women down the catwalk has almost come to typify a men’s fashion week, and while some will always claim to be miffed by such a showing it has to be said that it reflects the commercial reality of the fashion industry: women’s fashion will always outsell men’s. Thus Giorgio Armani kicked off his men’s Spring/Summer 2010 runway with couples gracing the catwalk, and presented a collection that was equally as commercial as his decision to do so.

It’s not all commercial however; mixed in with the Summer wools and cottons are splashes of patterns and colours, some of which can only be described as harsh on the eye. Personally I’d avoid the velvets and synthetics and rely more on Armani’s user of natural fabrics.

Amongst the double-breasted suits and piped blazers the tailoring is, for the most part, trim; the odd experiment with shape does present the opportunity to wear trousers that, while not Oxford bags, convey a much more relaxed state.

You can see all the pictures from Giorgio Armani’s men’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection by clicking the thumbnails below. And don’t forget to stay tuned to for more from Milan Fashion Week.