Gommes Esser Design hints at the surreal

Behind Gommes Esser are designers Denise Esser and Aleyda Gomes, who both graduated from Artemis Fashion Academy in 2005. Since its inception in 2006, Gemmes Esser Design has launched collections that run with a returning theme: a returning theme a hint of surrealism, where the underlying thought is not what it seems to be.

The fall 2011 fashion show at Amsterdam fashion week started with a short film with the lines:

“The art of truth lies in the eyes of a leader
A stranger, a dreamer and a survivor
Who creates dreams in reality
A visionary from the future
All of this makes us who we are.”

The collection includes graphic aspects, like sharp angles on the shoulders and a hairpiece in the shape of blocks. The colors they used were mostly black and silver, sometimes combined with a bit of yellow. Overall this gives an arty and futuristic look to the collection.

In the designs they also played a lot with materials. They combined shiny materials with dull ones and leather with fur for contrasts of texture. The designers want to make a combination of avant-garde fashion and pret-a-porter, which lends itself to wearable art.