Gorman: Prada sans bananas

When Prada brought out their tropical themed spring collection the “Prada goes bananas” puns came thick and strong. But such was the thought of many: would banana printed skirts sell? They certainly shimmied their way into plenty of editorials, as well as onto the lean torsos of many a fashion editor come fashion week. A little crazy it may have seemed but, more often than not, Miuccia Prada picks up a ball no-one has touched in a long time – if indeed ever – and starts it rolling. Tropical may not have hit in the biggest way ever but the path has been paved; and in their Calypso-backed runway at last night’s MSFW (Melbourne fashion week) show Australian label Gorman edged down it.

Now let me clarify at this point: these are no allegations of copyright infringement. What I’m describing here are pieces that touch on those playful tropical themes – only without the monkeys and bananas. Less out-there. More suited to the Australian market. In other words tropical, like Prada, but sans bananas.

Gorman’s take also has that organic feel the label is known for; particularly manifest in long, palm-print apron skirts.

For the full runway coverage of Gorman spring 2011, click on the thumbnails above.