Henrik Vibskov: fashion as spectacle

A secluded doorway in Paris’ Latin Quarter gave way to an old stair case. Climbing its well worn, four flights of steps brought me to a carved door that guarded a wood panelled library whose books seemed as old as the building which housed them. So far, so grand. Yet within the library, sat along a grey carpet and the non-descript pews so typical of a Paris fashion week showing sat something thoroughly more modern. Part wood, part steel, the shade of grey it was painted in made it seem at one with the carpet, while the black bags which hung from it (were they punching bags?) and the fact that its length filled the room heightened the modern-cum-industrial feel of its juxtaposition with the room at large.

It mustn’t be forgotten, however, that this building, now historic, was once itself an expression of art, and thr evening’s designer, Henrik Vibskov, was fashion as art.

Or at least fashion as spectacle. With its eccentricities Vibskov, as a whole, isn’t mainstream, but a label for those who find expressionism in the way they dress.

So it was fitting that their catwalk too was anything but mainstream. The bags revealed themselves to be cocoons of sorts, into which, having inflated, plants were placed. The long grey feature revealed itself to be a table, the models as actors in this play sitting to something of a dinner, red blocks of ice and hair dryers (I jest not) sitting along with their plates and spoons.

For the spectacle and collection that was Henrik Vibskov’s autumn (fall) / winter 2011 showing click on the thumbnails below.