Hunkemoller: lingerie for the glamour girl

Established in 1886 by Wilhelm Hunkemoller, lingerie company Hunkemoller started out making corsets – yet, for fall 2011 there was not a corset to be seen.

Showing at Amsterdam fashion week, Hunkemoller’s new lingerie collection was inspired by Hollywood stars from the ’30s and ’40s. It was a collection for the glamourous, chic and sexy woman. The models were wearing pink wigs and feather accessories adding to the charm.

We saw a lot of sets made out of lace and refreshing flower prints. Paired the stocking suspenders, the designs had a sexy, showbiz look. The fuller underwear cuts with high waists gave a ’30s vibe. The collection consisted of lot of pastel colors, but there were also pieces that were black or dark brown.

While Hunkemoller’s traditional corsetry was missing, the collection didn’t consist only of lingerie sets: there were also satin dresses, feather cardigans and a housecoat.

Click on the gallery below to view more runway images from Hunkemoller’s Amsterdam fashion week show.