Ice cool: Zem by Samira Algoe

Just like Roya Hesam, whose collection showed alongside this one, Samira Algoe also graduated in 2010 at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. And, like Hesam, this was her first show at Amsterdam fashion week. With her label ZEM she wants to rediscover menswear, so for her fall 2011 collection that meant lots of interesting details.

The show had an icy feeling. The designer used a lot of cool colors like white, light blue and grey. The hair and eyebrows of the models were painted white, giving them the impression of being frozen. But while the pale colour palette and frosty hairstyles gave the show a definitively wintry feel, these were the kind of pieces that could easily transcend to spring.

Algoe’s use of fabrics varied from some thick materials to materials that looked like paper. The whole collection was very wearable. One of the most stand-out, striking pieces in the collection was a mens cape in icy pale blue which, personally, I would love to see worn on the street!