Imitation of the sincerest form

I can’t claim to love everything about Imitation’s resort 2012 collection; but that could come down to a failing of the look book to deliver it with the no-holds-barred glamour it deserves. The formula of two parts classic blonde waves to one part bold red lips is on the mark, but the execution falls flat. So the only real solution is to dust off your imagination and picture these pieces in some smokey underground venue of the 20s or 1930s, the kind whose walls might be lined with palm plants and velvet cushions, the kind where a fringed flapper dress knows how to shimmy and a white palazzo-panted jumpsuit would feel right at home. Or perhaps, for some of the other pieces, a starkly modern surround of some kind populated by glamazonian types on whom black sequinned minidresses give off a 70s vibe.

For those are the types of pieces you’ll find in this collection and, a little imagination it may take to really see their potential, they’re ones that fit right in with several of 2011’s biggest themes. From short and shimmering to long and classic, Imitation’s best options will shine at night.

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