Jean Paul Gaultier’s fighting man

Every girl loves a bad boy. Whether we choose to admit it, or act upon it, the fact remains: there’s something sexy about a man who can defend and protect. And so it’s no wonder that most men would love to be the bad boy, or at least carry off the image of one. Was that Jean Paul Gaultier‘s thought process when he designed his collection for Fall 2010?

Adding luxury to gruffness, Gaultier’s collection brought together almost every type of bad boy into a mish mash of kick-ass styles. The boxer, with his gloves and hoodies and sweat towels; the biker, with head-to-toe leathers; and the Gothic dandy with a dark secret. Gaultier’s man was also sent down the runway with the perfect bad-boy accessory: battle wounds.

There’s a small touch of the military in Gaultier’s collection, but more than anything else it would seem evident that the sports trend so strong in womenswear is also impacting men’s clothing in 2010.

View the rest of Gaultier’s Autumn/Fall 2010 offering by clicking on the gallery below.