Jean//Phillip position//juxtaposition

With a Tiffany & Co clock built into it’s facade, the outdoor setting of Jean//Phillip’s autumn 2011 showing at Copenhagen fashion week didn’t seem quite so cold as it would have were it not held along the mock-Moroccan facade of the hotel Nimb. One can only draw reference to Britain’s Royal Pavillion, for those who have encountered it, to give some essence to nearly how captivating a facade Nimb offers up, and yet placed so close to Copengagen’s historic Tivoli amusement park the mock, lightbulb lit exterior is suitably different. Whether such a setting, a new take on the old, had been cherry picked to tie in with the Jean//Phillip’s next collection I know not. But give the designer’s use of new lines set against classic tailoring elements it was apt.

As the rain began to fall what emerged was a men’s and women’s collection, though the latter offering was perhaps unisex, most pieces offering up some of the exposed pockets, fusion fabrics and looser cuts that were so predominant at the recent men’s showings of Paris and Milan. Winter shorts, surely not for this climate, also made their mark. Missing though was the heavily minimalist, near detail-less aesthetic one expects to find this far north on the sartorial map, a point greatly to the collection’s credit.

You can see pictures from Jean//Phillip‘s autumn / fall 2011 offering by clicking on the thumbnails below.