John Galliano Men’s Spring/Summer 2010

As the Men’s 2010 Spring/Summer runways continue, John Galliano brings an eclectic and highly ethnic inspired set of outfits with his Spring/Sumer 2010 collection.

From the far reaches of the Middle East to the distant history of British India, Galliano takes global inspirations and does what he does best: costumery. Galliano’s man starts off in turbans, sandals, and earthy tones of brown, mustard and burnt orange; before traversing more tailored looks that bear to mind Imperial Britain. As with his previous collection, Galliano also dabbles in some military detailing. Modern sneakers and combat gear in some cases snap the looks back to present day reality; but the overall feeling of historical costume remains.

Part way through, Galliano’s collection takes a sudden turn to the dark side, with shadowy makeup and pitch-black leafy crowns making for a look that I can only think to describe as Gothic Jesus.

Underneath the theatrics, Galliano produces some highly wearable pieces; in particular the coats and jackets, leather accessories, and Gothic blacks. Click on the gallery below to view the full collection.