Joveeba at LMFF 2010

It’s worth remembering that Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF), as a consumer driven event, is not so much about what’s coming up. Instead it’s about what’s in, and what’s on the racks, right now. So it’s no real surprise that the collections which make the runway are steeped in 2010 fashion trends, many of which have already reached mass adoption.

Joveeba was another label to bring many of those hot-right-now fashion trends to stage, from sequins and warrior-esque pressed metal, to bib necklaces and tribal style prints; as well as some more upcoming trends like bodysuits as outerwear.

Several dresses were crafted from a flowing floral silk with hues of indigo and magenta, perfect as year-round pieces; with tights and boots in winter, minimal in summer.

Click below for more images of Joveeba Autumn / Winter 2010 at LMFF.