Julius’ urban monks

Black candles as the seated gift and an old Parisian hall, it’s lead light ceiling beset by inches of dust and unable to let through much light from the grey Paris day, did as much to set the mood as did the foggy haze provided by a smoke machine hidden that worked away silently. With frescoes peering down, this whited out space provided the medium for Juliusautumn / fall 2011 men’s collection at Paris fashion week.

Much could be analyzed in such a collection, with its draping cuts, monk like robes, and largely neutral palette, but unpicking the alternative is not our forte. Instead we hand the task over to designer Tatsuro Horikawa who poetically described it thus;

Monastery: a spiritially blessed space

Beauty beheld as a single ray cleaves the air, infusing the corridor with light.
Motion. Ripples on a watery surface, following the wake of a tendril of frozen air.
Pattern. Pillars barren of adornment, holistic and ascetic. Blessed Silence.
The Monks, now absent, bound by circumstance and stern commandments.
Facing their true being through communion with the divine.

So is this collection dedicated to them.

To the Disciples of the Avant-Garde surviving in the cities.

A tribute and a respite…

Dedicated to the new urban Avant-Garde.
Living as Monks. And from a sliver of sky, a single ray of sunlight.
A moment of clarity amoungst a maelstrom of chaos.
The new urban Monks, the cutting edge of society scarred into their being.

A refined, somewhat subdued take on edgy, alternative dressing, you can view the full runway coverage of Julius’ fall 2011 collection by clicking on the gallery below.