Karen by Simonsen: black’s reign

You know you’ve got a following when you pull a big enough crowd to a sizeable space at your Copenhagen fashion week catwalk that you’re required to run two showings. Simultaneously. Such a feat takes a certain level of expertise. It also brings with it a certain level of stress, that is if the DJ’s need to do warm exercises prior to his set was anything to go by. But for Karen by Simonsen and their fall 2011 showing this was an undertaking bound to pay off if the measure of the evening’s success was the gathered devotees’ enthusiasm.

Starting with a performance piece of writhing movements, a male model with an indecent amount of muscle definition marked the start of the show. A show with a beat for the best hips to move to. A show that offered up more of the dark tones and layered pieces one doesn’t immediately associate with Denmark.

With layering and fabric flow aplenty this was another of the day’s shows to use gold elements to highlight black garments, though where others had opted for jewellery Karen by Simonsen opted for gold embellishments often with a military overtone that the world of fashion has largely left behind.

Where black wasn’t, dark hues and winter prints were, the gold embellishments of the collections components successfully tying the two together.

To see all the pictures of Karen by Simonsen’s somewhat epic autumn / winter 2011 showing (two catwalks, 5 flights of stairs, and 20 or so models) click on the thumbnails below.