Morrison: relaxed & androgynous

Every season brings forth a label whose chose vibe is androgyny. On the first day of this year’s RAFW (Australian fashion week) the task of such an interpretation of man-meets-woman fell to West Australian label Morrison. Well, that is to say that Morrison at least told the media that it was androgyny they were offering up for their next collection. But in an era of models who seem to ride both sides of the gender divide, androgyny brings to mind looks much more overt then what Morrison offered up.

What was more obvious from the label’s spring 2011 offering is that they are another of the world’s labels experimenting not so much with masculinity, but with the overall aesthetic of women’s fashion. Where previous catwalks might have offered up slim cut trousers, Morrison instead opted to play with wide leg pants. Where a blazer may have been trim, it was now oversized though not quite definable as a ‘boyfriend blazer’.

Oversized, yes. Experimental, yes. Masculine, not definitively.

Those qualities did at times align, and a particular singlet dress stuck out for doing so. A grey piece made of an Italian cotton its hemline broke just below the knee and then some. That ‘some’ were two loops cut into the bottom of the hemline, each giving the impression that they were in fact shoulder straps from a men’s singlet top. A ‘boyfriend’ singlet dress it wasn’t, but despite being subdued it was the sort of clever cut that made its presence known.

A small collection, certainly the smallest we’ve seen at RAFW to date, you can see Morrison‘s spring / summer 2011 / 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the photos.