Kooey: vintage cut swimwear caution

If there’s one part of the fashion industry where Australia’s designers punch above their weight, it’s swimwear. Courtesy of being the world’s biggest island, Australia has developed a beach culture that sees it design some of the best selling swimwear in the world, swimwear that effectively balances form with function, often with a more obvious sense of youth than elegance.

That sense of youth saw label Kooey open their spring 2011 showing at RAFW (Australian fashion week) in the shadows; highly stylised, blunt cut wigs were obvious as models pulled strong poses and little more than over the knee boots were discernable in the silhouette. When the lights did come up it was a collection inspired by Australiana and the Aboriginal ‘dreamtime’ that was laid out before us, the cuts inline with 2011’s bikini trends.

If Kooey’s next offering teaches you nothing else you should at least learn from it that as much as vintage swimwear is the statement style for the season, it needs to be carefully considered. Look over their collection and you’ll see that where Kooey offered up a high waisted bikini brief in a solid colour it felt ‘big’ even on the slender frames of each model, whereas where high waisted briefs are worn with detail and prints the effect is reversed.

You can see all of Kooey‘s spring / summer 2011 / 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the photos.