Leonard’s Far Eastern modesty

Leonard’s fall 2011 collection was always going to have a soft edge to it, that much was was clear from soft pink colour akin to a late season bloom of roses that bathed the catwalk. Opening to the beat of a military soundtrack that quickly transformed into a piece of 1980s pop from the Pet Shop Boys, Leonard offered up to their Paris fashion week guests a collection that was indeed feminine but, with its full cuts, was largely modest. Save for the odd piece of sheer and plunging neck line, this was a showing free of the excesses of youth.

That lack of youthful excess was evident in all the cuts. Piece after piece came out, some slender, some boxy, but never did they play up to the skin baring trends of the season. Trim pieces had their place, but they were so taughtly cut that they clung to the torso so much so that even as one of the show’s models moved her shoulders as hard as she was moving her hips, she failed to elicit even the slightest movement from the two pieces she was wearing. It wasn’t all rigid, however, with the maxi dress pieces from Leonard’s collection spot on in their movement and lines even if they were a little close to spring / summer in their prints.

What it lacked in overt youth it made up for with winter prints and embroidery aplenty. Opening with embellishments of Far Eastern peonies (and a large selection of models from the same region for good measure – I’m unsure if this was purposeful thematic choice, a simple casting of the best model for the job, or a statement of Leonard’s target market), the collection also had something of a South American component; angled lines juxtaposed against circles, all in different colours, had more than a hint of the Aztec about them while this components cream base worked well with the pale skin and blonde locks of the Eastern European models on the catwalk.

You can see all the photos from Leonard‘s autumn (fall) / winter 2011 / 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below.