Lisa Ho’s Mediterranean romance

If there is any collection that is likely to make you fall in love with the cruise and resort colours dominating the offerings from Australian designers at RAFW then it’s Lisa Ho’s spring / summer 2011 offering. Elegantly beautiful, it’s a collection for which the inspiration behind its seasonal colours was drawn from parts of the Mediterranean; the pinks inspired by bougainvilleas, the lilacs by wisteria, and the aquas by Malta’s Blue Grotto. And despite the fact that these sumptuous, summer tones came out in solids and otherwordly prints alike, it was inarguably the colour blocking that made the greater case for why designer Lisa Ho is a constant darling of the Australian fashion industry.

With more then a hint of the 70s fashion revival inspiring women’s fashion for the coming season, Lisa Ho presented a range whose breadth included everything from draped gowns to tailoring. And to put none too fine a point on it, Ho has offered up to her customers the best tailoring we’ve been privy to at Australian fashion week thus far – the cuts are flattering and the quality obvious as white trousers with stone contrast pockets and piped trousers passed down the catwalk.

That same tailoring also saw Lisa Ho take a cue from the men’s external pocket sub-trend that made its presence felt across the recent fashion week circuit. Naturally far more subtle, these pocket-as-feature elements mixed across a small component of tailored trousers and shirts.

Lisa Ho’s spring / summer 2011 / 2012 collection isn’t one defined by its tailoring, however. That honour sits with the elegant dresses that took to the catwalk. Some so long that they didn’t scrape the floor in so much as they bathed it, the best of them were sculptures of pleating all with the elegance of Grecian dresses but none of the over-the-top obviousness.

Two such dresses to particularly look out for include the champagne coloured gown, whose front pleating sculpted and gathered under the shoulder blades, and an aqua, single shouldered gown. Which brings us to the third statement piece that really set itself apart: a white, tailored short suit.

You can see all the photos of Lisa Ho’s spring / summer 2011 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the gallery.