Lorella Signorino’s Atelier stays young

Lorella Signorino marked the positioning of her new ‘Atelier’ label from the get go: in mere moments the atmosphere of her Milan fashion week showing turned from light piano, to a hard beat, to a somewhat exposed Ruby Aldridge pounding down the catwalk. Sexualised and youthful? Certainly. This is, after all, the catwalk debut of a new label from a designer who had previously brought us the label ‘Love Sex Money’. Lorella Signorino Atelier was never going to open demurely.

In fact, it’s hard to describe much of it as demure. This is a Lorella Signorino collection where hot pants sit along thigh high boots, and the undercurrent of popularity for plastic as a cloth is given sexual overtones. Yet for all the sexualised qualities you can pick out of the collection, it never felt cheap in person. Young, yes. Sexualised, yes. Cheap, no.

Where the cloth isn’t woven or cut to reveal, it’s highly textured. This is Milan, so animal prints are to be expected, but this Lorella Signorino collection also worked with embroided leathers and gold plating. Much had a 70s feel to it, but it was a feel that leaned less to the the sophisticated 1970s fashion revival we’re seeing of late and more towards the boho interpretation courtesy of cuts, prints and fringing.

You can see all the photos of Lorella Signorino: Atelier‘s autumn (fall) / winter 2011 / 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below.