Marc Jacobs Autumn(Fall)/Winter 09/10 may offend

Revivals are in.

There’s the flapper revival, and the Grecian thing. Heck there’s even a quasi-90s penchant for an exposed stomach (have we learnt nothing from ‘muffin tops’?). And yes, yes there was that 1980s experimentation. But Marc, oh Marc…

Yes, that’s one of the stand out looks from the Marc Jacobs Autumn(Fall)/Winter 2009/2010 catwalk.

Of course it’s not all 80s on acid (or whatever the drug de jure for psychedelic experimentation currently is), but you’re going to have a hard time getting your head around such looks to even find the stand out pieces amongst the collection.

Agyness Deyn probably feels like she’s just died and gone to heaven.

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