Mark Fast slowing down

To play on words famously sung by Dinah Washington, what a difference a bob makes. Sure, Mark Fast‘s aesthetic has softened of late. Instead of the brash, brightly coloured and figure-hugging pieces we saw last spring, his spring 2012 collection sauntered down the runway with a new-found elegance.

But on close inspection many of the daring elements are still there: the open-weave knit techniques that peep through to the skin, the often body-conscious cuts, the bared midriffs and strategic cut-outs; even an ankle length skirt that might have been demure had a slit up the middle so high as to expose the crotch. Fast never fails on the sexy count, it’s true. But this time, with those 20s finger-waved bobs, those exotic jewels, and the tendency to leave skirt hems a little longer, that elegance came to the fore.

And that’s the key. It’s all in the styling. Taking a theme like crochet or indeed a crochet bikini and giving it life beyond the hippie or the bodycon can all come down to an elegant hairstyle, a sheer over-layer, or lashing of the right on-trend jewellery.

For the full runway coverage of Mark Fast‘s spring / summer 2012 collection, click on the gallery above.