Marnie Skillings feminine flirtations

Marnie Skillings delivers something to her customers with any summer season, and those qualities all made their way into her spring 2011 collection. So did most of the season’s trends, each of them light in weight, heavy in flounce and modest in cut. Whereas some designers approach a season’s trends and see just how far they can be take it, Marnie Skillings has instead taken them to the feminine, though not girly, level she has become known for.

Outside the show the reaction to that fact was mixed. Some loved it, others talked ill of the fact that it stayed true to form. Normally that wouldn’t be such a noteworthy point or even a rarity, but in these tough financial times take a buyer and a consumer aside post-show and the debate about what designers need to do in order to get people to spend their money can be a rather intriguing one.

Sameness is open to interpretation however. As is any season. Marnie Skillings‘s use of key summer 2011 trends not only means you’ll find dark florals and juxtaposed infusions of punk, but can also consider her the unofficial supplier of the lace trend to Australian consumers.

You can see all the photos of Marnie Skillings’ spring / summer 2011 / 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the gallery.