McQ takes us far from the madding crowd

To revive the flagging McQ brand, Sarah Burton turned to the quiet solitude of the rural English countryside – and produced a collection that has the aesthetic appeal of the Alexander McQueen mainline, only minus the intricate flourishes.

The McQ pre-fall 2012 collection was inspired not by the English countryside itself but by 1967’s Far from the Madding Crowd, starring Julie Christie. Designer Sarah Burton took those elements of Victorian fashion especially as they were imagined on the rustic countryside of old England. If you like your shirts ruffled and your coats tailed, this McQ collection will take you willingly on a country Hunt, sans the ornate fanfare that usually comes with a full McQueen collection. In spite of its equestrian strictness, the McQ offering is wearable and accessible to McQueen fans – laced with edgy accessories (wide black belts, micro gloves) that pull the pastoral calm of the collection into a more dangerous modern day.

There are some surprises in the collection, to: a ladylike, full-skirted dress reveals hungry wolves hiding in its fabric print. No doubt that mix of soft silhouette and snarling beast will prove popular.

To view all of the McQ pre-Fall 2012 collection, click on the gallery above.

Via Bloginity.