Mimco’s clear winners

There were handbags, jewellery and shoes in Mimco’s VAMFF (Melbourne fashion festival) show, no doubt, but forgive me if I confess that I barely noticed them. You may be unsurprised to discover that instead I was captivated by the clear plastic coats (follow the link if you’re not already familiar with my obsession). There was even a flouncing circle skirt in clear plastic. My only question is, do Mimco actually sell these? I’ve never seen them in store. If they were merely used to accompany the accessories, perhaps they would better have been served by something understated, something less attention-grabbing. If they do sell them in store, well I have only one thing to say about that: clear plastic coat, here I come.

Click below to view more coverage, photographed by Kelly Defina, of the Mimco LMFF trunk show.