Miss Unkon: Navajo girls

The lights never quite came up on Miss Unkon’s RAFW showing. Instead it streamed forth solely from the end of the runway, never quite illuminating the models or clothes until they reached the final few metres. So it was that for many of us seated the first eye capturing feature of this catwalk collection was neither clothes nor accessories but the gorgeously complex hair braiding.

A different view isn’t necessarily a bad view, however. It may have been difficult to accurately take in the colour of these spring / summer 2011 pieces as they moved through dim light and shadow, but there was still much to appreciated about the collection.

A collection of American Indian inspired pieces, soft colours formed the basis for Miss Unkon casual take on the coming warm months. That native influence may have been largely extrapolated from the temporary tattoos models sported but elements such as ruffled and paper cut-out hems did much to help the manifestation of the overtone.

In essence, Miss Unkon’s spring 2011 collection sees the young label move from strength to strength always maintaining an appeal. No one piece is over the top, and it’s easy to see that the young fashioniser could easily add much of it to their summer wardrobe. What then stands out from it? The cut outs, the flowing tap pants revealed at a time when most other Australian designers are preferencing hot pants, and most of the pieces made from the collection’s light, summer fabrics. Pieces made of such cloth came in many a style and swayed courtesy of their light weight, the light illuminating the catwalk revealing a shilouette of legs and curves. Effective, striking, but not sexualised – a description apt for a collection in which only a lone pair of tailored pants noticeably seemed not to work.

You can see all the photos from Miss Unkon’s spring / summer 2011 / 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the photos.