Monique Collignon’s take on modern business

Having been named 2010’s Dutch Designer of the Year, Monique Collignon brought her fifth pret-a-porter collection to this year’s Amsterdam fashion week in the guise of her MC by Monique Collignon fall 2011 collection.

Collignon’s take on fashion is highly feminine, and her MC by Monique Collignon is aimed at the sophisticated business woman. As such, this is a collection of tailored blazers and blouses, sexed up for the catwalk with an inclusion of knee high boots, all intended as pieces that can be worn to both work and social occasions. The colours Collignon used were generally, though suitably, sober: blacks, greys, whites, all with an infusion of dark purple.

Throughout the collection Collignon contrasted rough with soft materials, setting the likes of satin against mohair. And alongside the likes of leather, cotton, satin, crepe and a lacquer coated herringbone, this was the first time the MC by Monique Collignon included jersey and knitwear.

Pieces can be purchased from Monique’s site, while the full catwalk can be seen by clicking on the thumbnails below.