Nanette Lepore: boudoir geisha

The light weight of the fabric illuminates the model’s shilouette as the lights behind her slowly rise. That hint of her statuesque frame quickly brightens as the catwalk is wholly illuminated, and walking towards us is a fall 2011 vision of winter whites and delicate, feminine pieces.

This is Nanette Lepore’s New York fashion week showing, and like so many others influenced by the city around them she has pieced together a collection largely of the urban casual vibe, that style for the 21st century woman who wants something chic for Monday to Friday that will take her from morning to evening. But naturally it has its own unique twist: boudoir geisha.

Lepore’s fall 2011 girl wears a fluttering hem of oriental-inspired silk, or else she’s in flowing baby-doll cuts with embellishments or lace panels. The oriental theme is cemented half way through the parade with a black silk kimono-dress: short hemmed and paired, for high impact, with white tights. It’s the lighter colours which dominate, however, and this collection’s urban boudoir offering features a colour base of whites, pinks, greens and greys, with satin and pearl finishes added for good measure.

The collection’s black component both works and doesn’t. At times floaty black dresses, which have the visual appeal of a great night gown, take to the catwalk. Embellished with silvers and often balanced in sheer fabrics, such pieces work in this light, feminine collection despite their colour. However, the visually heavy little black dress, which is appealing in and of itself, feels disjointed from the overall collection. It’s simply feels too different from the rest, as if crafted from a completely different idea.

All our pictures from Nanette Lepore‘s autumn (fall) / winter 2011 / 2012 are now online. You can see them by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the photos.