Nicola Finetti does what he does best for Spring

Sometimes if you can do a particular thing particularly well, it’s not really worth straying from it. You might as well make it your specialty; grow it and perfect it. Such it is with Nicola Finetti who’s on quite a roll with his sexy-yet-sophisticated brand of dressing, once again adding architectural and origami-like details to paneled, peplumed, and frilled frocks.

If you saw Finetti’s RAFW (Australian fashion week) show from afar you might have missed the finer details – like little rows of beads, or buttery yellow ruffles; open over-skirts made from sunray pleated silk, cutaway backs, or complex tucks and folds on sleeves and hems. In that case it would be worth perusing the close-up shots below where you can see these details more closely.

Both close-up and full length runway shots can be found by clicking on the gallery below.