Nicole Farhi’s new florals

A spring collection inspired by flowers is predictable. Very predictable. It’s not a revolutionary idea and isn’t something that’ll make a girl go swooning over a floral dress.

Nicole Farhi was well aware of this when she sketched out her spring 2012 collection. There were flowers, all kinds of flowers. Plastic laser-cut, appliquéd, sequined, printed on fabric; there was aplenty variety. But their portrayal was far from conventional. The romanticism of spring blooms was replaced with a hard-core sporty look.

The pretty colours were balanced out with sharp lines and crisp fabrication. Boy-cut trousers were worn with micromesh over layers and voluminous cotton tops were accented with taekwondo-style belts. For Farhi, the new season is about staying true to your girlish lure, but spreading that with a hint of attitude and confidence. The buoyancy is not manly, though. Notice that there isn’t any androgyny in the looks. The blush, fairy floss pink, coral, and butterscotch shades all prove to be poignantly fresh. The sleek high ponytail and rough brows verify the rest.

For the entire Nicole Farhi spring / summer 2012 collection, as seen at London fashion week, click on the thumbnails above.