Nookie Beach march to their own beat

The first RAFW showing to open with spectacle, Nookie Beach brought forth the hand beaten sounds of two men and their bongo drums. Where earlier in the day Sara Phillips had placed a botanical arrangement, Nookie Beach placed faux-stones fashioned into a fire hearth and surrounded it with dried grass. As the drum beats faded and the lights rose to fill the white space with red hues worthy of a sunrise over the plains of Africa, the statement as to which continent had most influenced elements of the collection became ever the more apparent.

Africana was obviously the order of the day. Nookie Beach worked it into temporary tattoos adoring the male and female models alike, while even the opening men’s sarong offered up an interpretation of the theme. But that’s all it was: an interpretation. For Nookie Beach, the sister label of Nookie, took various motifs and morphed them into something far more modern, far more straight down the line, far more subtle then the fashion parade as spectacle that they’d used to such effectiveness.

That is by no means a criticisms. Swimwear, be it men’s or women’s, is one of the bastard children of fashion. Like lingerie, it evolves much slower then any other element of fashion. We the wearers simply don’t want it to, nor expect it to. We find a style we like, a style that flatters, and we stick to it. So it is that across the fifty plus different looks that Nookie Beach sent out to pace their catwalk of spectacles, there was little in the way of revolutionary design. Instead, what there was was something for every beach. And that’s just the way we like it.

For the beach, or perhaps pool side at the resort, designer Nikita Sernack experimented with various cuts of crocheting be it in the form of monokini or cape. For those with less of a classic persuasion and those fond of the beaches of Bondi and some parts of the Mediterranean, there were those pieces which took animal print motifs and made them modern and swimwear focussed through colour.

Thoroughly young, Nookie Beach’s spring 2011 RAFW showing infrequently played on the 2011 revival of the mid 20th century two piece. On the whole, however, it was a thoroughly modern collection that offered the most commonly accepted cuts of swimwear and its associated accessories. Cuts accepted by consumers, thus guaranteeing the range’s success.

You can see the entire Nookie Beach spring / summer 2011 / 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the gallery.