PPQ: for the superhero in you

When PPQ’s London fashion week show opened it was easy to imagine that the designers had taken the term sex kitten somewhat literally. A comic book-esque cat ear hat sat over Pippi Longstocking plaits, a black high necked frock and high heeled feet feathered with ruffles of black lace below them both. There’s a sexy sternness to PPQ’s autumn 2011 offering, the kind of sexy sternness that often is reserved for empowered female comic book characters.

What then, if you’re not much of a crime fighter by night?

Pick through the best of PPQ‘s collection, which comes in abundance courtesy of the whimsical details scattered throughout. From the fanned collars and cuffs to the collection’s lace top over the knee boots, PPQ has largely avoided the heavily-alternative edge that London fashion week is often cited as being a bastion for, and instead offered up a collection that is statement worthy without ever sacrificing its wearability.

To see all of PPQ’s autumn / winter 2011 / 2012 collection, click on the thumbnails below.