Pierre Ancy’s unique check

It kicked off with a beat you’d hope to only feel were you in a nightclub, though this was no club catwalk event (been there, hope not to do that again). That was about as far as the comparison between clubs and this Milan fashion week showing went. Some catwalks use their music to set a tone, Pierre Ancy used theirs to give the models a tempo to walk to.

And those models brought forth a collection from designer duo Christian Petrini and Nicola Russo that was, like so many of Saturday’s showings in Milan, aimed at a the young girl with bags of confidence. Hence this was a collection where heavy white knits oh-so-purposefully sat off the shoulder revealing a gold clad breast (made of a metal a bra it was not, an accessory it was). It was also one of plunging neck lines set against a cowboy laden take on the 1970s. Embellishments were aplenty and uniquely done. Where so many designers have opted for mere sequins or gems, Pierre Ancy’s autumn / winter 2011 collections features a snow-flake shaped mandala throughout the collection working it across skirts, dresses, suspender belts and even ear muffs from which gold chains swayed with the model’s walk.

Yet for all the obvious trends, Pierre Ancy also offered an interpretation of the ever-spring sheer clothing trend that I don’t recall having encountered prior to now. They gave it a plaid / tartan check to great effect, one that gave all the sexiness of sheer but did much to tone down the major problem that comes with wearing a see through top: showing off one’s breasts. Even under the harsh lights of the catwalk the check pattern left one unsure as to whether models were wearing bras under the tops or not (only one model allayed the question courtesy of the look on her face that clearly read “yes, you can see my breasts”). This check was less of a cloth and more of a repeating motif, with it applied to different pieces. Applied to skirts and jumpsuits it had flow, elsewhere it was applied with more structure. As a pair of thigh high socks it was visually fantastic.

Click on the gallery below to view the all the runway photos of Pierre Ancy‘s autumn (fall) / winter 2011 collection.