Rachel Gilbert: night creatures

Despite how conveniently it sums up the purpose of the piece, event wear can be something of a dirty term. At its worst it implies gowns of the satin variety that footballers wives are often want to swan around in. Rachel Gilbert’s spring / summer 2011 collection proved that needn’t be the case – something not necessarily easy in a country where elegance is oft mistaken for elitism.

Opening with an electric violin and with faux panelled doors serving as props at the end of the RAFW catwalk, her spring 2011 collection brought embellished dresses of varying hems to a show whose very purpose seemed to be to find Gilbert a place as the definer of elegant fashion at Australian fashion week.

Even as the hem lines continued to shorten from gown to mini-dress and the violin found itself being plucked in accompaniment to a rap backing vocal, that elegance remained. Elegance with overtones of youth by way of mini dresses designed with the likes of 21st birthday parties in mind.

Of course a collection of party and event pieces can’t accurately serve as an entire seasonal collection – commercial realities dictate otherwise. Thus you’ll find those pieces which lend themselves more to day wear. No less striking then there embellished counterparts they had the feel of pieces that were designed for that much envied crowd: ladies who lunch. Albeit young ladies.

A collection of statement pieces that, even at its most casual, seemed determined to make its wearer stand out from their peers, all the photos from Rachel Gilbert‘s spring / summer 2011 / 2012 collection can be seen by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the gallery.