Rebecca Taylor: feminine, not girly

Managing to infuse fuchsia, florals and bows into a collection and still have it come off as feminine – but not girly – is something of a feat in my book. Rebecca Taylor did it for fall 2011, seemingly without any hassle, resulting in a sense of refinement that was neither too neat not too fussy.

Taylor’s fall 2011 look isn’t for everyone, granted – from the cherry red lips and blushing babydoll cheeks to the youthfully waved hair, the modest hem lengths to the flowing cuts, this is pretty – not sexy. Taylor’s girl is sophisticated. She can look just as cool in a pair of semi-sheer flared pants and a long-line slouchy top as she does in a minidress. At her New York fashion week show Taylor proved one thing – for those who can pull off a relaxed feminine look, she’s not to be overlooked.

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