Rebecca Taylor’s cool subtlety

Rebecca Taylor’s spring 2012 collection doesn’t storm out the gates in a flurry of obvious themes and trends. But if you pay close attention you can see those little themes taking root and evolving, playing at the edges as they gently feel their way into the coming season.

Like much of current fashion, Taylor’s overall shapes are relaxed. Pants are loose, almost harem-like at times. Snakeskin plays a subtle yet important role (foreshadowing a prominence that will continue). Hair sits back in an easy slick. Knits are either open in weave or embellished – the kind just right for evenings after the summer sun goes down.

Taylor’s collection isn’t made to shake things up or cause a stir, but not every collection has to be. It’s about gently ushering in spring 2012 on a wave of pared-back cool.

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