Richard Chai: a casual tone

Black, winter blacks. That’s the first thing you’ll notice of Richard Chai’s fall 2011 offering from the catwalk of New York fashion week. But it’s not all black as is so common of other fashion weeks we’ve seen so far. But it’s dark. Black is layered over deep blues that make navy seem a bright colour, and the dark greens so common in this season of modern womenswear don’t fail to make their mark.

From the models’ tousled hair to the cut of each pieces, this is casual wear. Casual wear with glamour and casual wear with obvious tailored quality, but casual wear all the same.

For the most part this is a collection, like Winter itself, of sole tonality; textured grays are layered over matt blacks with only cut and slight detailing breaking the two up. But Richard Chai‘s fall / winter 2011 / 2012 offering is not without its winter prints. They come in the form of lines and proper prints, while sequenced tops make a stament and provide a welcome infusion as the collection’s head turning evening wear.

But what the colour palette lacks in statement, the collection in fabrication and cut. It’s neat, minimalistic lines are sure to appeal to fans of the aesthetic, while sheer maxi dresses bring in an elements set to be strong as this year draws to a close.

You can see all the pictures of Richard Chai’s autumn (fall) / winter 2011 / 2012 catwalk showing by clicking on the thumbnails below.