Roparosa: come as you are

The face of Roparosa, real name Roos van der Kamp, was the winner of the second Dutch Project Runway and it was only last summer that she first showed at Amsterdam fashion week. Come out and play and Come as you are is her autumn / fall 2011 follow up.

And it was a follow up that played to Roparosa’s designs as we’ve come to know them with the collection offering up designs that were at the same time sporty and feminine. Roos has been a graphic design student and you can see this in her clothing. Continuing the aesthetic established in her spring / summer offering, her next collection offers up shirts with graphics lines and geometric accessories. Playing with geometrics further, Roos drew inspiration from star shaped patterns letting the lines begin in the middle of the body, “This effect shows how someone can shine when that person is feeling good” she says.

Away from the visually dominant dresses Roparosa‘s autumn / herfst 2011 collection also offering up much in the way of leggings and blouses. But these were always going to play second fiddle to other embellishments, and so they did when set against geometric shoulders.

To see the full Roparosa collection click on the thumbnails below.