Rose Brinkley: fashion as spectacle

Getting your work to stand out – be it on a rack or a runway – is a lesson worth learning early on. For RMIT student Rose Brinkley that lesson translated into an MSFW (Melbourne fashion week) show that was fashion as spectacle, with models stomping the runway in towering platforms that, luckily, didn’t result in any falls (though some had a helping hand from a faceless body-stockinged acrobat). But while the combination of skyhigh boots and skin tight leotards turned the models into what seemed like fetishist superheros, Brinkley didn’t forsake wearability for shockability. Take the abstract prints and leather bustiers away from the spectacle and they have a level of commercial appeal.

And therein lies the lesson for new creative talents: it’s worthwhile making a show attention grabbing, but especially so if it can be stripped back to something wearable.

For more of Rose Brinkley‘s graduate collection, as shown on the runway at MSFW, click on the thumbnails above.