Roya Hesam: Te Mana O Te Moana

Update: all the catwalk pictures now available at the bottom of this post.

Roya Hesam only graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2010. Yet, a few short months later, January marks the debut of her first collection at Amsterdam international fashion week. A fact that shows both her drive and the Netherlands’ desire to promote emerging talent.

Her debut collection, Te Mana O Te Moana (Spirit of the Ocean), came in the guise of a rather off-season fall 2011 collection inspired by the sea, the air and the islands of Polynesia. Hesam furthered the Polynesian motifs through the use of an aquatic colour palette of blues, greens and beiges, while the make-up played to the theme by embellishing each model’s face with a Polynesian inspired tribal tattoo.

As a designer, Hesam has an eye for detail and embellished her collection through a mixture of layers, frayed ends, and stitching. As for the cuts themselves, dresses were wide and flowing, perhaps influenced by Hesam’s Afghani heritage, while trousers and skirts were a mixture of cuts.

Hesam’s designs can be at once vulnerable and powerful. She herself claims that her designs stand for beauty, and having experience them first hand I can confirm her sentiments.

Like so much emerging talent, Roya Hesam is a designer to watch.

View all the pictures of Roya Hesam‘s autumn (herfst) / winter 2011 / 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below.