Sass & Bide: something completely different

Let the confusion reign. We’ve already been privy to Sass & Bide’s autumn 2011 collection, and at VAMFF we were privy to it again. And yet we weren’t. Confused? Such is the nature of fashion for the southern hemisphere. What gets offered up in the world’s northern half, in this case Sass & Bide’s autumn 2011 collection, generally won’t arrive in the country for another year thus making it a 2012 collection. Hence London offers up something called autumn 2011, while Australia is offered up something of the same name that is in fact a completely different collection.

And that different collection was one that worked with cut aways, angles, leathers and metals. Digital prints abounded, but weren’t at the level one expects of Sass & Bide, thus it was left to the collection’s metal accessories to provide a real point of difference where cuts didn’t.

You can see all the pieces from this autumn 2011 offering from Sass & Bide by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the photos.