Saving the sea with a yellow submarine

It flirts in the realms of the surreal, it’s quirky enough to make you smile yet wearable enough to tempt you, it’s entertaining to gaze upon and it’s all directed at a cause. If The Rodnik Band’s spring 2012 collection were a stage show, it would be a veritable pop spectacular.

Walking a line between art and fashion has always a pastime for designer Philip Colbert, who created this collection to support the Environmental Justice Foundation and their ‘save the sea’ campaign. Inspired by everything oceanic from fisherman to sailors to mermaids, Colbert’s latest offering has enough kitsch factor to at times be a little silly, but at all times be refreshing. In the face of a serious issue Colbert feels strongly about, he created a collection that supports the cause by not taking itself too seriously. Something PETA could learn from, perhaps.

And it must be said: with mod fashion swinging back onto the scene, who wouldn’t want a yellow submarine skirt in their arsenal of fun statement pieces?

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