Show ponies: Kate Sylvester

Smoke swirled through the space, the gentle cross breeze wafting it through the round stadium that sits amongst the stables of the Royal Randwick racecourse.

It was pitch black when a barely-there silhouette of a model could be seen to enter, pausing in a place where horses normally show-off their finery. This is no horse show, however. Instead we’re here for the finery of Kate Sylvester’s spring 2011 showing at RAFW (Australian fashion week).

Here, in this unique fashion week setting, the models circle, their dark eye make-up appearing like black holes in the smoke until they push through it and come fully into view.

The setting is beautiful but, being out doors, at night and so dramatically lit, it’s not easy to see all the details instead it is often solely the overt ones that stand out. The angular handbags, the cerillium blues, the canary yellows, the bared midriffs, and sunray pleats and the white and black lace. What is most obvious though is the lightness of it all. The light streams through pieces and loose cuts, while ruffled sleeves flap despite the fact that the breeze isn’t even strong enough to clear the smoke which has long stopped spewing forth from the machines which produced it.

It’s fair to say that should you choose to wear any of these pieces in a crowd then it is these elements that shall also be picked out by those who divert their attention to admire.

You can see all of the photos from Kate Sylvester‘s spring / summer 2011 / 2012 showing at RAFW by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the gallery.